Roger was born and raised in Las Vegas. He’s quite tall so it’s no surprise that he loves basketball and volleyball, but his hidden talents are actually baking and creating mosaics.

Roger graduated from BYU and attended Sturm College of Law at the University of Denver. He previously worked as a Deputy District Attorney in the criminal division of the Clark County District Attorney’s office from 1998-2004. During his tenure there, he had the opportunity to successfully participate in dozens of felony criminal trials.

What is the single greatest meal you’ve ever had? As a kid, there was a restaurant at Alta and Decatur called Jo-Ells. Joe was an old chef for one of the hotels and he would make the best lobster tails you’ve ever had. He’d let me go in the kitchen and help out when we came in for dinner and he yelled at all the waitresses. He was hilarious and the food was amazing!