Las Vegas Bus Accident Lawyers

With the high cost of gasoline along with Las Vegas traffic, more commuters are taking the bus. Because of the increased number of people using public transportation, bus-related accidents are also rising.

Bus accidents can occur either while riding a bus when a bus hits a pedestrian on the street, or when a passenger car and bus collide. If you are in a bus accident, you should seek medical attention immediately. Keep all documentation of your injuries and doctor visits. Gather as much information about the accident as you can and record names and contact numbers for all involved. It is important to only speak to law enforcement officers and not insurance representatives. You should also contact an experienced personal injury lawyer right away.

At CVBN Law, we have extensive experience representing individuals injured as passengers on buses, individuals injured as pedestrians hit by buses, as well as individuals injured in automobiles that were struck by buses. Bus accidents are traumatic events that impact both those involved and their loved ones. We can help you receive compensation for medical expenses, lost wages, pain, and suffering. If you have been injured in a bus accident, contact us today for your free case consultation.

The Las Vegas bus accident attorneys at CVBN Law have 50+ years of combined legal experience in Nevada. Contact us for your FREE CONSULTATION at 702-255-0700.

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